The Art of Privacy

Let’s talk privacy. One of the top reasons why people get window film is so that they can have privacy.

Do you have an entrance door that allows people to see straight through your home? Or a pool bath door that you are debating on replacing due to a lack of privacy?

If you are in a commercial building, is the glass of the receptionist desk lacking privacy from people being able to see personal information on computer screens? Or is clear glass looking into a conference room distracting those inside?

So, what is the solution to these common problems?

Decorative Window Film!

There is a large variety of styles of decorative films that can meet your need such as frosted films, rice paper, films with patterns and designs, and even stained glass window films. Decorative film gives you the privacy but stills allows light to shine through, and is a fraction of the cost of etched glass or having to replace a door or door glass. Decorative film can even give you privacy day and night.

That brings us to one of the most common questions we get “Is there a film that will give me privacy day and night that still allows me to see out clearly?” Sadly, the answer is no. The reflective film made for privacy and sun control is designed to provide daytime privacy. Wherever the greater source of light is that is the side that will be reflective or have the mirror appearance. During the day, there is a greater source of light on the outside of the home that is why from the outside of your home you sill the reflective surface. Yet, when inside you are able to see out clearly. During the night usually the source of light will be greater on the inside of your home, so when you look out your windows you will see the reflective image. But, someone looking into your home from the outside will be able to see in if you have your interior lights on. There are films that have a low reflectivity, yet at this time there is no technology that makes glass truly “one way” under all lighting conditions.

But why pay to have a professional installer to apply these films to your glass if you can purchase and install them yourself? There is quite a few reasons why. First, many window film companies offer a warranty on the films if they are installed by a professional. Also the appearance of your film will be better and it will increase the longevity of your film since these professionals are trained and have the tools to make your windows enhance the look of your home or business.

Come by our office and view the samples we have on hand or call us at 352-666-3636 for a free at home estimate and get an exact quote and see the samples we have available.

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