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Spring Cleaning is a common term that many people know and aren’t fond of. Here in Florida I prefer Fall Cleaning. When people are closing up their houses we are just starting to enjoy cooler weather so this is when I prefer to tackle those extra projects. So here are some of our “Fall Cleaning” tips:

  • When cleaning baseboards ditch the old rag and bucket of water and use dryer sheets. It removes the dust and also helps keep them clean longer.

  • Ceiling fans and vents seem to always be dusty. I found the best way to clean it is by taking the vacuum cleaner to it. Put on the brush attachment and vacuum up all the dust then wipe them down with a damp rag, if you take the rag to the fan first it just smears the dust all over the blades.

  • If you need a little extra scrubbing power just add baking soda, it is a great cleaner and is just abrasive enough to get rid of tough stains like in your tub or shower, stainless steel kitchen sink, and even your glass top on your stove! Just sprinkle on the baking soda take a damp soapy sponge and scrub away.

  • Take it slow… Only focus on one room at a time, when thinking of deep cleaning your entire house it is overwhelming but doing one room a week or every other week it seems like less of a task.

  • And of course we can’t forget about your windows. Once a year I like to give them a good cleaning inside and out. First, I remove all of the screens and hose them off and clean them with soapy water and a scrub brush and rinse them. While they are drying I start the outside of the windows. Here are the tools I have found most effective, you can purchase any of these at Lowes or Home Depot (see the pictures below).

  • Bucket of soapy water & old rag

  • Pump up spray bottle

  • Microfiber window scrubber

  • Squeegee

  • Select a size paper towels


Window Cleaner


Fill the spray bottle with water add 1 good squeeze of dish washing soap. Shake it a bit to mix it up.

Now for the cleaning – always start at the top and work down.

  • With the old rag and soapy water wipe down the window frame and all around the glass

  • Spray the window with the soapy solution

  • Scrub the complete window with the window scrubber

  • Wipe all 4 sides with the paper towel

  • Squeegee the window, overlap your strokes to avoid lines

  • Wipe down all 4 sides to finish

Repeat the same process on the inside of your home.

Finally I put the screens back in, if you put the screens in before you clean the inside and outside you will be less likely to see if you missed any spots.

Now that your house is nice and clean you can enjoy the cooler weather!

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